In addition to the following ministries, there are many ongoing programs where you are needed and can find a fulfilling ministry role.

Contact us to find out where else you may be able to serve.

Good News Club

This club meets weekly during the school year. Children participate in Bible lessons, songs, Scripture memory, review games and other activities. Evangelizing and discipling children are the primary goals.

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Fair Ministry

The local fair is an ideal opportunity to minister to people in the community! Each year, CEF goes to country fairs, festivals and exhibitions to share the message of salvation through the Wordless Book and Bible stories.

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Five Day Club

This club is held during the summer months for five consecutive days. Children gather to hear Bible lessons and a missionary story. They join in fun games and other activities. The primary thrust of these summer clubs is evangelistic, though Christian growth teaching is included as well.

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Mailbox Club

The Mailbox Club™ is a Bible correspondence club which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Bible lessons are sent by mail to the students. Through these lessons they learn the great truths of the Bible.

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Short Term Missions

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) has a ministry presence all over the globe and offers you frontline experience impacting children with the gospel of Christ.

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Party Club

These are held for holidays such as Christmas or Easter, or with seasonal or other special themes. These individual events provide a good opportunity for special outreach in a neighbourhood, school or other place where children meet and hear about Jesus Christ in a fun setting.

School Club

These clubs take place on school premises where children are already gathered. These are similar to Good News Clubs, and focus on evangelism, discipleship and character development.


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Since 1938, Child Evangelism Fellowship® has been actively reaching children in Canada, evangelizing and discipling them in the Word of God. CEF® is active in every province of Canada and continues the ministry through staff and volunteers who are committed to seeing that every child is evangelized.


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